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Exercise equipment
Interior and exterior metal

Patio furniture

Metal decks
Elevator doors/frames

Railings/Structural framing

Metal siding and fencing

What is electrostatic painting?
Opposites attract! This is what electrostatic painting is based on. The item to be painted is given a negative charge, and the paint is given a positive charge. When the paint is applied with a specialty spray gun (Ransburg No.2), it results in a magnetic attraction that pulls the paint particles onto the object being painted.  This creates a wrap-around effect that provides coverage to all areas. The paint is applied directly to the piece with no overspray, creating a flat uniform coating. Our process uses a rust-proof primer to virtually eliminate future rusting. The electrostatic method is also ideal for refinishing equipment in offices, country clubs, grocery stores, hospitals, banks, schools, hotels, gyms, laboratories, apartments, condominiums, and even in your own home.  We apply high performance coatings in an environmentally sound manner: no overspray means no paint particles released into the environment.

We use Perfection Paints epoxies and urethanes.

What can be electrostatically painted:


Are your elevator doors chipped or peeling? Is your metal furniture faded? Has your gym equipment or lockers lost it's lustre? Are your metal items lacking that professional look? Are you trying to avoid the exorbitant costs of replacement? Don't replace! Restore, enhance, and preserve. For a fraction of the cost of new, we can transform the dreary into the vibrant. 

We are A5 Electrostatic, an electrostatic painting contractor that provides high quality finishes for all metal products. We give you the results you’re looking for at reduced costs.  We’ve been using our advanced electrostatic painting process for over 25 years, and have worked with property management firms, restaurants, resorts, gyms,

and more.